AeroSmart is a startup company aiming to bring a significant innovation in avionic systems for air vehicles strongly committed to objectives defined by the Advisory Council for Aviation Research and innovation in Europe (ACARE).

It all started in 2012 when an innovative solution was invented for ADAHRS systems: virtual sensors based on new processes exploiting neural networks techniques. The idea, later called Smart-ADAHRS, was patented.

In 2014 our innovation project placed among the best 15 ones of regional contest (, unfortunately without any grant. The next year, 2015, Smart-ADAHRS was on the podium of the national “proof of concept network” (PoCN CUP 2015: winning the necessary funding to develop our invention up to TRL6. In few months a technological demonstrator was designed, electronics procured and integrated together and finally tested at Politecnico di Torino’s rig facility. In the meanwhile, fruitful cooperation with Nando Groppo ( was established, the TRAIL aircraft was instrumented (also thanks to PoliMI) and it was ready to fly with our prototype.

Prof. Piero Gili and Angelo Lerro funded the AeroSmart company in 2016 with the mission to commercialize the innovation in the avionic market.