The Smart-ADAHRS is a patented technology related to the field of air data system (ADS) and attitude and heading reference system (AHRS).

In brief, the invention was driven by the goal to simplify the air data system drastically reducing the parts by design in order to reduce weight, costs, maintenance and power consumption but assuring the same performance of equivalent solutions on the market. All ADAHRS on the market are based on direct measurement of flight paramenters. The Smart-ADAHRS basic idea is to estimate aerodynamic angles instead of direct mesurement in order to save weight and power consumption (mainly for de-icing purposes). Therefore, exploiting highly advanced and reliable sensor fusion techniques, AeroSmart products simplify significantly the overall air data system architecture, decrease the system weight, reducing parts by design and reduce power consumption.

Performance of AS products based on Smart-ADAHRS technology are not achievable with state-of-the-art technologies because of the reached saturation level that cannot be overcome.

The AeroSmart approach is highly innovative, because it completely moves the focus: we substitute the most demanding sensors (in terms of costs, weight, maintenan
ce and power consumption) with virtual ones (AVS) which estimate the same parameters at least with the same performance but with a significant savings. Smart-ADAHRS technology moves the game on a different field that cannot be touched by c
ompetitors using state-of-the-art ADAHRS.

As a generic and universal product, it can be successfully used on any air vehicles without any extra sensor installation or structural changes to the aircraft. In fact, in AeroSmart we believe that Smart-ADAHRS technology will be the new standard on which current and next-generation air transport could rely on for low-cost, lightweight, reliable and environmentally friendly ADAHRS solution.

Low-Cost. AeroSmart products based on Smart-ADAHRS technology allow the final user to save 30% ÷ 70% of economic budget allocated to ADAHRS.

Lightweight. AeroSmart products based on Smart-ADAHRS technology assure to save 50% ÷ 80% weight if compared to state-of-the-art equivalent solutions

Reliability. AeroSmart products based on Smart-ADAHRS technology guarantee at least the same performance of equivalent systems available on the market, significantly increasing the safety of the whole ADAHRS

Eco-friendly. AeroSmart products based on Smart-ADAHRS technology allow the final user to save from 50% to 70% of the power budget allocated to ADAHRS. This will significantly cut CO2 emissions.